Professionally reproduced and digitally enhanced. In most cases, the images are corrected as possible, and appropriately bound.

All of these manuals were reproduced with the intent to be used as fantastic swap meet find identification refrence t

tools as well as the usual refrence for the restoration of the vehicle in particular.



Incredible array of manuals to impart the details and some step-by-step repairs and restorative help on automobiles and trucks from the 1920s through Post WWII. Brakes, Alignment, Transmissions, Pistons, Wheels wooden & steel, Wire wheels, Steering parts, Suspension parts, Axles, Trim for the interior and exterior, Headlamp and tail lamp lenses, Glass for vehicle bodies, Bumper and hubcap identification, etc.

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MILITARY Vehicle Manuals WW2


WWII, Pre-WWII and a few WWI manuals covering the repair and parts for these vanishing pieces of history. Most are fully illustrated and full of detailed restoration information from the writers and photographers who created these manuals for use during combat and peace times.

Repairs, brakes, electrical system, master parts listings, how to install a CCKW roof mounted AA ring turret, and lots more.

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Automobile Radio Manuals 1920s-40s


One very complicated and unique option for early automobiles. Interesting to see the myriad of manufacturers and tuner head designs. These manuals are not just the usual radio wiring schematics but a major emphasis on the actual heads that were manufactured for either steering colum, in dash, or under dash installation. Another fantastic swap meet find identification refrence tool.

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       Stewart Warner Manuals


SW has been a major part of many antique and classic cars in many parts that are surprising. Since SW was sold a few years back even the corporate historian has purchsed our manuals for their library, to fill in missing material !. The accerating prices on these classic gauges in the vintage autoparts market is worth educating yourself in what to look for and identify these unique gauges, bumpers, ignition systems, and high performance parts.

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GE  Monitor Top Refrigerators & Other Refrigerators


Always a favorite for TV and motion picture sets as well as fun home kitchens and garages.  From 1926 to 1938 these very unique styled refrigerators with the motors on the top  were manufactured in large quantities. Most are still running today with the help of our manuals. The non GE refigerators are also in our book collection but our emphasis is the famous "Monitor Tops". We also have many brochures and flyers reprinted from the era.

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       Tow Trucks & Wreckers


Ernest Holmes is not the only manufacturer to build early towing devices. We have many Holmes and other manufacturer manuals and garage equipment catalogs, fully illustrated, with drawings and photos. Truck mounted devices, how to mount to the truck chassis, lubrication racks, alignment racks, winching devices, floor jacks, and engine hoists & stands. etc.

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